Jessie HarperSome great finds!

Jessie Harper - Acetate LP. Not listed in any ‘rarest albums of all time’ lists this acetate only album is the best of the two known copies. Fantastic Hendrix like guitar pyrotechnics from the former Human Instinct guy. Found in a pile from a house clearer. Sold in late 1990’s.

Nicholas Greenwood - Cold Cut LP. Maybe not the priciest prog album but this one never seems to turn up. Was the bassist for local hero Arthur Brown. Brought for a fiver from a Brighton ‘dealer’. Sold in 1990’s.

Australian Playboys - Black Sheep R.I.P 45 Excellent double header single. Walked in the door last year, sold to staff.Nickolas Greenwood  - Cold cuts

Kinks - Village Green 12 Track Test Pressing Spotted when leaving a Worthing Jumble Sale, 5 Pye test pressings simply marked ‘Barry White’, ‘Man’, ‘Kinks’ etc, 20p each. Finding out which album it was, was rather pleasing. Sold to the Fan Club President. Early 90’s.

Beatles - Please Please Me Gold Stereo. Popular rarity, although you can always find one if you really want one. Sold one a couple of years ago to a local collector.

John Coltrane - Cosmic Music. Incredibly rare posthumous private pressing found in huge collection of New Yorker returning home. Sold a few years ago.John Coltrane - cosmic Music

Led Zeppelin - Turquoise Cover. Had two copies within weeks a few years ago. Sold in shop.

Bob Dylan - Publishing Acetate LP. A while ago this, remember it had Quinn the Eskimo on it. Brought for 40p at Street Market. Sold locally.

Factory - Path Through The Forest – Issue


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